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Exam Schrelude

Education Group Number Name of groups of educational programs Profile disciplines
1 Profile disciplines 2 Profile disciplines
M070 Economics Economic theory Macroeconomics
M072 Management and administration Management Business organization
M073 Audit and taxation Fundamentals of accounting Audit
M074 Finance, banking and insurance Economic theory Macroeconomics
M082 Biotechnology Biochemistry Fundamentals of biotechnology
M094 Information technology Algorithmic programming languages Higher mathematics
M097 Chemical engineering and processes Inorganic chemistry General chemical technology
M100 Automatization and control Theoretical bases of electrical engineering Linear automatic control systems
M103 Mechanics and Metalworking Basics of interchangeability Structural materials and heat treatment
M111 Food production General technology of food production Chemistry
 M114 Textiles: clothing, footwear and leather goods Materials science of light industry products Chemistry
M130 Standardization, certification and metrology (in branches) Qualimetry Product testing, control and safety
M147 Tourism Basics of tourism Excursion
M149 Restaurant and hotel business Service technology in restaurants and hotels Hotel and restaurant management
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